PT. Subur Sakti Putera

PT Subur Sakti Putera

PT Subur Sakti Putera

We have been doing business in Indonesia for over 27 years. We are a customer-oriented product and support provider for electronic measurement equipment and control systems (navigation, meteorological, geophysical, climatological, hydrological) laboratory equipment, telecommunications systems, wireless RF communications systems and satellite ground station equipment.

Mission Statements

  • To be the preferred vendor of wireless communications systems and electronic measuring devices in the Asia Pacific Region

  • To secure a steady and long term position as a market leader by offering the highest quality in system design, products and services.

  • To create an environment that fosters a highly trained staff to satisfy the needs of our customers

Dedication to Service

We are consistently developing innovative wireless products and service solutions to help our customers gain a competitive advantage. We take extraordinary efforts to help our customers maximize the value of their products. In addition, we are positioned to serve the government, public and private sector with innovative solutions for years to come with qualified personnel who are deeply committed to offer the best customer service in the business.

  • Special customers support
  • Achieve the highest results